Ameeruddin Ahmad (1938-2021)

Ameeruddin Ahmad was Naira’s father, Sunder’s “sambandhi”. They were in many ways cut from the same cloth, of the same vintage, and loved getting together and reminiscing over fine scotch. As the evening wore on, Ameer’s pronouncements would get increasingly dour and pessimistic, while Sunder would increasingly wax eloquent. They also shared a passion for good suits and fine ties, expensive cameras that they would buy equipment for but never use, and the crossword. When Sunder felt that Ameer was being put upon by his wife or daughter, he would rush to his defense: “you people keep bullying poor Ameer, I say!” And Ameer would smile contentedly, an inward smile to himself, an acknowledgment of kinship and friendship and a shared familial bond. Ameer passed away from a heart condition in early February, and we miss him deeply.