Sunder, my son-in-law

–Amma (Saraswathi Srinivasan)


After the death of my husband in 1993, I used to visit Raji every summer. I still remember those days which I spent with them with great joy and happiness. After a serious illness, during my convalescent period, Raji looked after me so well that I recovered very fast. That would not have been possible without Sunder’s cooperation. Sunder displayed a great deal of concern for women’s welfare. He felt that women needed to be respected and given all the opportunities that men had. Raji will not be what she is today – a distinguished scholar – but for his constant encouragement and good wishes. I am forever grateful to him for this.

I always admired him for the way he kept things in order. As Raji would always say, the family has lost two great human beings – one her father, and the other Sunder. May they rest in peace.


[My mother never tired of saying that Sunder was like another son to her. He in turn took as good care of her as of his own mother. ‘The mothers’ were a part of our life in Bangalore. Every morning Sunder and she would amicably divide the Sudoko and Crossword sections of the newspaper between them. He admired my mother’s cooking, and they shared an interest in cricket and politics—the simple basis of mutual respect and affection].