Venkatraman Mama

S. Venkatraman (1928-2021)

Mr. S. Venkatraman – ‘mama’ to all of us – was Sunder’s sister-in-law Suja’s father. 

Venkatraman mama had been a successful executive, and after his retirement he became a successful entrepreneur in Pondicherry, deeply beloved of all those who worked under him. We knew him as a loving father, a doting grandfather, and a caring patriarch to his larger family. His affection and generosity embraced all those who were privileged to know him, and very much extended to Sunder. Sunder loved to spend time with Venkatraman Mama, and had especially enjoyed visiting his factory in Pondicherry, where he was full of questions. Mama’s visit to Sunder in hospital, despite his own frail health, meant a lot to him: Sunder said that just having mama sit and chat with him for an hour gave him the courage to face his surgery. The following year he presided over Sunder’s first anniversary ceremonies, stepping into the role of a loving older male relative.

Venkatraman Mama passed away in May after a brief illness, even as we were hoping against hope that he would make a recovery.  We will miss his wise and benevolent presence in our midst.