Writings and Photography

Cruise Journal

Sunder worked on and off on this ‘journal’ after we returned from our Caribbean cruise in December 2007. While he kept notes and collected material during the trip it is not a journal in the real sense, being a retrospective account. He never did complete it, but always had plans to go back and fill in the gaps some day.

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Down Memory Lane

This is another piece Sunder wrote for his school alumni magazine, drawing on the same material he had for his biographical sketch. This piece is a ‘kaleidoscope’ of impressionistic memories of his years at Rishi Valley School.

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Sunder was an avid but inconsistent photographer. Like many (certainly Indian) men of his generation, he loved the hardware and bought lots of fancy gadgetry, but did not always have the patience to use it. His first foray into photography was in 1979-80, shortly after he had been posted to Washington D.C. on deputation to the Indian embassy.

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